AquaMist for Building Protection

Jan 8, 2018, 11:56 AM

Certification Training for AquaMist low pressure systems for Building protecting

The objective of this certification training session is an introduction on the AquaMist ULF low pressure watermist technology as a Performance-based Design System for protection of Light and Ordinary Hazard (OH1) occupancies. A general overview on the fire tests done for the FM approved nozzles and components used with the system will be provided. Design criteria, applications and installation practice including hands-on information on the Grinnell® G-Press™ Piping System and Watermist pump skid will be discussed in details. 

The course will end with an exam and attendees will receive a certificate of training. 


  • Low Pressure Water Mist systems introduction - AquaMist
  • AquaMist ULF for Light and Ordinary Hazards (OH1), design.
  • AquaMist System hardware.
  • Introduction to AquaMist ULF for Industrial Fryer Protection (FM approved systems)
  • Introduction to AquaMist ULF for Data Center Protection (FM approved systems)
  • Demonstration of low pressure water mist nozzle discharges (when hold in a TechXchange training center).
  • Exam

Course Information

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Availability: Europe 
  • Target Audience: Authorized Distributors Only
  • Certification: Certificate of Training

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