Enhanced Fire Protection Solutions - Window Sprinklers (Model WS)

Window Sprinkler (Model WS)

The use of glass as a construction element is becoming increasingly common WS-2throughout the commercial built environment. Ensuring that glass can appropriately resist the effects of fire is often such a challenge that the full scope of architectural creativity is stifled. The Model WS Window Sprinklers are able to respond quickly in the case of fire, with a special spray pattern that is designed to coat the entire surface of the window with a cooling water flow. The result is a level of protection that reduces the risk of cracking or shattering due to thermal shock, minimizing the chance of fire spread, helping protect lives and property.

  • Overview of WS Window Sprinklers
  • Explanation of the differences, advantages and design criteria
  • Live demonstration of Window Sprinkler spray patterns (Singapore, Dubai).

Course Information

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Availability: Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore (India)
  • Target Audience: Open enrollment
  • Certification: Certificate of Training
To enroll in this class or find out more information, email for Singapore / Bangalore training-apac@tycofp.com and Dubai training-ME@tyco-bspd.com.

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