Introduction to Sprinklers and Valves

Sprinkler Systems, General Introduction Sprinklers and Alarm Valves

The objective of this training program is to provide a basic understanding and overviewMiddle East Valves of the different types of sprinklers and alarm valves available. Each type will be defined and the specific application will be addressed. To complete the training we will provide a live demonstration of the different sprinkler types and their spray patterns in our Spray Demo Room.
In regards to the alarm valves we will explain the working principles and technical details of all available types of alarm valves and at the end we will provide a live demonstration of the valves in our Valve Demo Room.


  • Overview of different types of sprinklers Valves Middle Eastavailable.
  • Live demonstration of sprinkler spray patterns (Singapore, Dubai).
  • Explanation of the different available sprinkler systems.
  • Live demonstration of the working principles of all available types of alarm valves.

Course Information

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Availability: Singapore, Dubai, Bangalore (India)
  • Target Audience: Open enrollment
  • Certification: Certificate of Training
To enroll in this class or find out more information, email for Singapore / Bangalore and Dubai

For 2020 schedule on this course and other open enrollments in the region please visit: Training Schedule 2020 - APAC - Middle Eeast