*LFP® Antifreeze for Fire Sprinkler Systems

This pre-recorded webinar will allow the attendee to:

  • Discuss features and benefits of Tyco LFP® Antifreeze
  • Describe the differences between existing antifreeze solutions and Tyco LFP® Antifreeze
  • Review NFPA requirements for use of antifreeze in systems
  • Review proper installation and maintenance practices

Duration: 60 minutes
CPDs: 1 hour
Language: English 

Click here for a PDF Version of the slide deck from this presentation 

**DISCLAIMER: This recorded webinar references attendees being awarded CEUs at the conclusion of the webinar, however those CEUs could only be awarded at the time of the “live” webinar. Viewers will NOT receive CEUs, only a certificate of attendance

There are references to polls taking place throughout the video, viewers will not see these polls and will not be able to participate them in them