BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation Training - Provided by Lubrizol

This Lubrizol sponsored training will provide education on the proper methods of installing BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems (listings, advantages, design parameters, cutting and joining methods, Best Practices).

Upon completion of this lesson, participants will know:

  • The proper methods of installing BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • The advantages of the BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • About cutting & joining BlazeMaster® CPVC Fire Sprinkler System

The Presentation will help participants with the following:

  • Know the Listings and Approvals necessary for installation of CPVC
    fire sprinkler systems
  • Understand the advantages of a CPVC fire sprinkler system
  • Understand the various design parameters for CPVC fire sprinkler systems and where CPVC is allowed to be installed
  • Understand the correct joining method of CPVC pipe and fittings
  • Understand the difference between concealed and exposed systems
  • Understand the various options for freeze protection
  • Understand chemical compatibility and the potential issues when using incompatible ancillary products
  • Understand support and hanging requirements of CPVC

Duration:  90 - 120 minutes
Language: English or Spanish

Upon completion and at Lubrizol’s discretion, we’ll send you a BlazeMaster® online installation training card and certificate.

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