SprinkCAD Software Advanced Onsite Training

Advanced SprinkCAD v3.5 and SprinkCAD 3D Design Software Training

SprinkCAD offers an advanced onsite training course to help experienced designers SprinkCAD 3Dbetter understand the advanced features of both SprinkCAD software products. The customer and the SprinkCAD team determine the course outline and from that the SprinkCAD team determines the duration of the course.

Course training is provided by a SprinkCAD Technician at either the customer location or one of SprinkCAD’ s locations.

HighlightsSprinkCAD 3.5

  • Customer-defined training needs


  • Duration: Per Customer needs
  • Availability: Globally (Customer Location or SprinkCAD Location)
  • Target Audience: Current and potential customers
  • Certification: Dependent on course duration
  • Training Measurement Units: Imperial and Metric


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