SPRINKCAD - SprinkCode Determines Protection Options for High Pile Storage per NFPA 13

With our myriad of choices and volumes of codes it is not difficult to see how a fire sprinkler designer could spend a great deal of time finding the most efficient and effective solution for  a design. Errors can result in inaccurate bids, rejected plans, improperly approved plans or faulty  installations. SprinkCODE presents a solution to this dilemma by filtering quickly through the many choices of tables and available options of NFPA 13 and presenting these options in a clear manner showing the necessary steps to a suggested solution. Join us in a presentation of this powerful tool and see how much easier this essential task can be.

Duration: 45 Minutes
Presenter:  Rob Smith, sprinkCAD
Language: English

Recorded: 7/19/2012 

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