ANSUL® R-102 Virtual Instructor Led Training

ANSUL® R102 Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

The R-102 virtual training curriculum is made up of 3 elements: the 1-hour prerequisite eLearning that provides an overview of the R-102 restaurant fire suppression system and its components; a 1-day virtual instructor-led course to learn how to identify hazards, practice basic design principles; install the components; and maintain, service and recharge an R-102 system. After the prerequisite and the course are complete, participants must pass the certification exam with a score of 80% or better.


  • Describe the components in the R-102 system
  • Identify the kitchen hazards that require protection
  • Apply basic design principles
  • Describe R-102 installation steps
  • Describe the R-102 service and maintenance steps
  • Describe the R-102 recharge steps

Learning Agenda

  • eLearning: System Overview and Components and Virtual Classroom Set Up
  • R-102 vILT: Hazard Analysis, Design Overview, Installation, Service, Maintenance and Recharge procedures
  • Module 3: Hazard Analysis
  • Module 4: System Design
  • Module 5: System Design (continued)
  • Module 6: Installation
  • Module 7: Service and Maintenance
  • Module 8: Recharge


  • Elearning Prerequisite: 1 hour
  • R-102 vILT: 1 day
  • Training Evaluation: 10 minutes
  • R-102 Exam: 1 hour
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Apr-9 Tue In-person Training: Boca Raton, FL
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Apr-16 Tue In-person Training: Marinette, WI
May-14 Tue In-person Training: Marinette, WI
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