SAPPHIRE Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems - INCLUDING SAPPHIRE PLUS

Certification Training for SAPPHIRE

This 3 day course will cover the Novec agent, environmental and human safety considerations and the applications those systems are used for. 

Attendees will learn how to conduct a hazard analysis, get to know the hardware and auxiliary peripherals required, run through the steps to design a system and learn on how to properly conduct inspection, service and maintenance of the SAPPHIRE System.

The course will end with an exam and attendees will receive a product certification which will allow them to design, service and maintain the SAPPHIRE  Clean Agent Fire Suppression  Systems.

System types covered include 25 bar, 42 bar and 70 bar.


  • Attendees will become familiar with the technical manual and where to find the information they need to design, service and maintain the SAPPHIRE Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
  • Students will obtain hands-on training by participating in example work problems
  • Additional Add-On Software day available on running piping calculations using the Hydraulic calculation program

Course Information (CTT02SAP)

  • Duration: 3 days (Software 1 add-on day)
  • Availability: TechXchange Academies Europe; On-site at Customer
  • Target Audience: Authorized Distributors Only
  • Certification: Product Certification

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