First Fill & Refill Training Halocarbons

Certification Training – Combined for SAPPHIRE and FM200 Fire Suppression System

This 2 day course will cover an overview of the Sapphire and FM200 system hardware,First Fill and Refill Training Halocarbons operational requirements, fill station equipment required, inspection, detailed fill instructions (25 bar and 42 bar systems), leak checking, container packing details, labeling, calibration of devices, low pressure switch installation, nozzle drilling and valve assembly and refurbishment.
The course will end with an exam and attendees will receive a product certification.


  • Students will obtain hands-on training
  • Fill Station Equipment - Proposal upon request (via Sales)

Course Information (CTT03CAFN)

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Availability: Great Yarmouth, UK
  • Target Audience: Authorized Distributors Only
  • Certification: Product Certification

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