F-Gas Certification for Individuals

Certification Training – in cooperation with FIA

According to EC/842/2006 all businesses working with - and therefore having personalFire Industry Association handling, servicing, commissioning - systems containing any fluorinating gases (F-Gases) will be required to attend official training.
This course is an official certification course approved by FIA (UK), fulfilling the requirements for technician training under the company certification scheme, working with F-­Gases, detailing the European Regulations for safe handling of fluorinated gases and their recovery, equipment and testing.
The first half day (called manufacturer practical session) will cover on how to identify potential leakage from equipment containing "F"-Gases relating to FM200 Systems.
The second part of the day (called FIA theoretical session) will be the official certification for individuals.
Each part of the course will end with an exam and passing, the attendees will receive a product certification and the official FIA certification.


  •  Attend both theory and practical session in one go

Course Information (CTT08FM)

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Availability: TechXchange Academy Manchester / UK; On-Site at Customer
  • Target Audience: Open Enrollment
  • Certification: Product Certification

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