AUTOPULSE Addressable Panels

Certification Training for AUTOPULSE Addressable Panels

This course introduces the fundamentals for detection and notification appliance requirements, components and auxilliary peripherals. Students will learn to design, install, service and program detection and notification systems. Control panel operations, codes and standards, and programming panel keypads are covered for AUTOPULSE IQ-318 and IQ-636X-2 panels.


  • Identify detection and notification appliance principals and concepts.
  • Explain design and installation spacing requirements.
  • Identify components and auxiliary peripherals.
  • Locate the required data necessary for development of a detection and sequence of events for the detection system.
  • Explain how to program panels using the panel keypads and Verifire Tools Software program.
  • Explain how to establish communication with the panels for uploading and downloading history logs via a laptop computer.

Course Information

  • Duration: 16 hours
  • Availability: North America
  • Target Audience: Authorized Distributors Only
  • Certification: Product Certification

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