TechXpert Tip: Replacing the CV98 Electric Actuator

On September 23rd 2005, Ansul published the Bulletin NO. 5021 to eliminate the CV90 & CV98 electric actuators: 

The old CV90 &CV 98 Electric actuators have a Metron Protractor inside the main body and the actuator is only resettable by replacing the discharged Metron Protractor (P/N 423958).  The Metron Protractor is not a resettable device and requires replacement after firing.  The Metron also has a shelf life of 10 years which means it requires replacement even if it is not fired once the date comes due.
Now, the customer can order the re-settable HF and Booster Actuator combination shown below. With the new changes, a customer can easily reset the HF electric actuator and the booster actuator on site following any actuation with the reset tools that are provided.
The reset tool for the HF Electric Actuator is P/N 75433 and the reset tool for the Booster Actuator is P/N 429847, both tools are sold separately from the shipping assemblies.