TechXpert Tip: CHECKFIRE 210 - Reset Battery Life Indicator

CF210_01When replacing the battery module during annual maintenance, the battery life indicator must be reset using the ICM or connect to a PC with the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 programmer software.

After replacing the battery module follow the steps below.

  1. Place the CHECKFIRE 210 System into isolate mode using the isolate switch on the side of the ICM.
  2. Press and hold the programming button for more than five seconds then release.
  3. All programming LEDs pulse 3 times in one second to confirm battery life indicator is reset.
  4. Cancel isolate mode by returning the isolate switch to the normal position. 

CF210_02PC Instructions (Using CHECKFIRE 210 Software):

When connected to the ANSUL CHECKFIRE 210 Programmer software, click the Reset button in the Battery Life Remaining section.

More Information:
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